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Firewood: Shed or Stack?

Remember that wood only really dries in New York State between April and November when temperatures are above 40°F and humidity levels are relatively low.  A well-sited and -built wood stack does most of its work during July through September with high heat and low humidity. A good wood shed—see example below—works all year long.…
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Wood Burning Tips: Part-2

Wood Wants to be Wet Really, really wet.  In fact it’s the only typical raw material that holds more water than good soil (usually 120 percent to 200 percent of its dry weight).  The cells in a tree’s wood have such a stubborn grasp on water (it’s their life currency) that they only release it…
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Wood Burning Tips

Food, clothing, shelter… and in the Mid-Hudson Valley: heat.  There’s no escaping this part of life here, and as the age of cheap and available liquid fuels draws to a close, we face using both new and old methods for keeping warm.  For a short generation we’ve become accustomed to the ease of cheap liquid…
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