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It has been a long time coming. We discovered through google analytics that over 60% of our visitors were accessing our site on a handheld device. We also discovered that our old site looked really bad and was hard to navigate on small screens.  Thus started my team's search---Although I can design, build, and remodel homes in a myriad of materials,  I needed to delegate this work because, except for certain construction related programs, I am really, really not computer savvy. For example,  I changed my password everywhere to 'incorrect.' That way when I forget it, it always reminds me, "Your password is incorrect." And what's more I just gave away my password in this post so now I'll have to change it--does it ever end? But seriously, I am very proud of this new site. It showcases MHI's capabilities with lot's of photos of different services we supply,  has before and after videos, and allows  visitors to get to know me a little: where I come from and how my company does things. I would welcome feedback about what you like and  don't like about the site and so please take a moment and send comments to

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